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اخبار سایت coinbeez


این سایت به تازگی پستی جدید در.... ارسال کرده که در زیر می توانید ببینید

خلاصه ترجمه : اعلام کرده اند که نسخه جدید نرم افزار یعنی نسخه 1.1 آن را تا
آخر این هفته که می شود 1 شنبه آزاد خواهند کرد یعنی مشکل عدم اتصال نرم افزار حل خواهد شد

و در مورد trial worker  ها گفته اند که دیگر به صورت اتوماتیک تریال ورکر نخواهند داد به این دلیل که

افراد پس از طی شدن دوره 30 شون و برداشت درآمد اون دیگر با سایت کار نخواهند کرد و  تا تاریخ

5 ماه دسامبر فقط می توان تریال به صورت اتوماتیک گرفت و پس از اون به صورت دستی تریال ورکر ها

فعال خواهند شد پس اگر عضو نشده اید عجله کنید

متن اصلی:

Greetings everyone!

After a careful analysis of the issues that happened with our software security breach, we have decided to discontinue this version of the application.

However, our development has never stopped, and we are closer to launch the new version that aims to be more user friendly.

In a way to compensate those who were already using our software (version 1.1), we will reward each one per day and according to the number of workers that each one has. The compensation has already started yesterday, since the unfortunate event, until the day we launch the new version, expected this week.

We have decided also to stop the trial worker offer. Our goal is to have dedicated partners contributing to CoinBeez, and not the usual "hit and run" users whose goal is getting a freebie to earn the free month and leave the project after that.

We want real users, real contribution and real dedication. Our deadline to stop giving free workers will be at 5th of December. After that, new or existing users won't be able to request a 30 day trial period. Existing users who had issues on the trial worker activation won't be forgotten. We have received all of your requests through our ticket system and we are starting to manually check each one of you in order to give you the free trial period.

This is growth, this is evolution, this is Coin Beez!

Coin Beez! Computing our future!


Roberto Minhoto

How are we supose to collect new user for now on in a project which didn't give any profit to anyone? Your intentions are good, but you will not make new users without the free trial...

My comment

I also agree with Roberto Minhoto

Another option could be that you give as much as before (trial workers), but

Do not allow them to withdraw until bought a worker

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